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Welcome to the University of Colima

Are you a new student at our university? Did you know that UdeC is part of the #ENTENDER Project? This project is sponsored by the European Union via ERASMUS Plus and involves 9 universities from all around the world, with the purpose of developing the maximum potential of neurodiverse students.

Based on the previous statement, now that you already are part of our educational community, we invite you to look over the following infographics where you will find valuable information on the way that neurodiversity is welcomed in the University of Colima, through the project ENTENDER.

As part of WP2, U de C personnel received the "Train-the-trainer" workshop, who later replicated the information to their university colleagues in the Cascade Training course.

The trained staff were 24 people, assigned to 3 higher education campuses and 3 university departments (School of Educational Sciences, School of Medicine, School of Psychology, General Directorate of Educational and Vocational Guidance, CEDEFU and General Directorate of Higher Education).

As part of WP3, last October 2021, Universidad de Colima carried out the "Cascade Training" course, aimed at principals, administrative, secretarial and support staff, and students, which benefited 271 participants, including:

  • Teachers: 156
  • Students: 38
  • Non-teaching/administrative staff: 77

In this sense, the total number of participating departments was 56, of which:

  • Higher education schools: 30
  • Higher scondary schools: 16
  • University departments: 8
  • Departments (external to the University of Colima): 2

The objective of this course was "to provide training to participants to increase understanding on the topic of neurodiversity, being aware of the social and academic implications for students, and enable them to implement inclusive educational practices that promote integration and adapt to diversity".

Topics: Emotional intelligence and Neurodiversity | Resilience in education.
Synchronous session held on October 15, 2021..

Topic: Introduction to neurodiversity, curricular adaptations and accessible and inclusive digital teaching materials.
Synchronous session held on October 22, 2021.

Topics: Accessible and Inclusive Digital Teaching Materials || Active Learning Methods to Enhance Student Engagement.
Synchronous session held on October 26, 2021.

Topic: Neurodiversity in the University and labor transition.
Synchronous session held on October 29, 2021..

As part of WP4, a call is issued to high school and undergraduate students from Universidad de Colima, with the purpose of integrating the peer support network, whose objective is the integration to the project of volunteer students who, in a proactive, free, supportive, and altruistic way, can support and enhance the capabilities of people who require differential learning strategies (neurodivergent students), with full respect for their human rights.

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